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Raleigh North Carolina is currently ranked one of the best places to live in the US. With all the popularity and attention North Carolina is getting moving is going to be very essential for making sure everyone gets settled in nicely. In order to help the entire moving process run smoothly, Merit Moving is here to help. 

Merit Moving was created to help haul and move furniture for all clients and customers who do not have the vehicles or tools to do so. Not only do we transport furniture but help move the furniture into your new home. 

Another service we love to help our customers with is Junk Removal. Gathering, transporting, and finding the correct dumps to get rid of waste can be a huge hassle. But we are here to take all of that off your plate. 

Merit Moving was created with this simple goal in mind. We simply want to help out customers by providing high-quality moving with an amazing experience. 



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